New Hip Hop Songs - What You Look For In The Latest Rap Songs

The Hip Hop music world is most changing especially the new rap music generation is all determined and having a distinct flair of becoming mature genre. Interestingly the changes and distinctions that are being seen today are not an overnight change; some of rappers have really hit the market after quite a struggle. The most interesting factor here is that now the personally of artist, the performance is as vital to the whole package, as there are thousands of wannabes but only few stars. Here are some interesting new trends on Rap Music Scene.

Flo Rida feat David Gutta is the rap single which has become the voice of new age. The single is "Club Can't Handle Me". The visibility of pride, larger than life gestures can easily be found to be distinct mark of this collaboration.

Love is not always been the main theme of Rap music but Eminem made it one very strong statement "Love The Way You Lie". While one can't think it to be any ground breaking single in any regards, the sheer star power of Eminem and Rihanna has really made us think about them being the rap icons this season.

While the factor of attractiveness of the performer might not be directly associated with the sales of the singles, there are some artists that have been there for their personality and charisma. Kanye West has the distinct voice but more importantly the image that has given boost to the whole industry of man of certain age in Rap. His singles have been making weaves including the last one "Runway [Explicit]" for genuine reasons of being the right mix.

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