Rap Music Instrumental

A rap music instrumental does more for a rap artist's vocals than one may think. There was a time in the past where the genre of rap was more focused on the lyrics. However, in the current generation of rap, the rap instrumental can be just as important to the song as the rapper's voice and lyrics.

Some would eve say that the artists of today lack strong lyrical content, and rely heavily on the rap music instrumental, too much in many cases.

Sometimes, a rapper who actually has lyrical skill will purposely rap over a 'not so hot' rap music instrumental in order to showcase their lyrics. However, this may not always be the best move, because if the beat is not up to par, then listener's of today's rap may automatically and quickly tune it out.

Top Rap Songs

The best places to find the top rap songs of the moment are the weekly Billboard and Itunes charts. Billboard uses the airplay measurements of Nielson BDS to determine the most popular rap songs, while websites such as Ontheradio and Doipod keep track of the rap artists downloaded most frequently on iTunes. Retail websites such as Amazon also have music charts listing top selling artists by genre. Currently, these charts are dominated by Drake, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Flo Rida, Kanye West and B.o.B. The following rap hits appear at the top of multiple music charts and currently receive the most radio airplay and generate significant sales of albums and singles.

Love the Way You Lie
Eminem Featuring Rihanna

Currently the number one rap song on the Billboard Rap Charts, "Love the Way You Lie" holds a variety of impressive rankings on other music charts, including the following:

Christian Rap Music

Rap music is equally and popularly known as hip-hop music. It is a music genre that had its beginnings in New York during the mid-70s. It was popular among the performers in the City, particularly among the African-Americans and Hispanic musicians.

Christian rap music is likewise known by its other names like Christian hip-hop, holy hip-hop and gospel rap. Having attached the word 'Christian' to distinguish this type of music, Christian rap utilizes lyrics that express the message of Christian faith by the composer or songwriter. However, there are some artists who make their Christian faith known, but the themes of their songs do not contain such religious belief.

The History Of Rap Music

These days, rap music is such a significant part of popular culture that it is difficult to imagine that there was ever a time without it. However, the truth is that rap has only been in the mainstream music market for just over thirty years. The tradition, though, goes back much farther and this genre of music actually has quite a rich history.

The origins of rap are attributed to a few different sources, most of which center on the African culture. One popularly believed theory is that it grew from West African tribes who had a great deal of respect for "men of words." Another is that rap music came from Jamaican fold tales, which were essentially stories told in rhyme.

When rap music finally made its way over to America, it first became popular on the streets and in school yards. Early raps mostly focused on rappers boasting about their skills and cutting down other rappers. Watching these rap battles became a popular form of entertainment at many neighborhood parties.