Lady - Bout Dat Life

01. Lady - Wil'in (5:27)
02. Lady - Pussy (3:12)
03. Lady - F*ck Dem (4:53)
04. Lady - Money Can't Buy (4:22)
05. Lady - Sista (2:38)
06. Lady - Smashed (3:52)
07. Lady - Kickin' It (4:15)
08. Lady - Leftovers (3:34)
09. Lady - Snap (4:11)
10. Lady - Stee-lo (4:30)
11. Lady - Casey Anthony (3:01)
12. Lady - I'm On It (Feat. Plies & Jeremih) (4:13)
13. Lady - Stamina (Feat. Pleasure P) (3:42)
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Birdman & Mack Maine - Billionaire Minds

1.Luxury Life
2.Money to Make feat. Rick Ross
3.Everything I Do feat. Lil Wayne
4.Mr. Lottery feat. Short Dawg and Jae Millz
5.You Too feat. Drake
6.Y.U. MAD
7.The Fam feat. Lil Boosie and Chopper City
8.Imma Stunna feat. Short Dawg
9.Bout Money feat. Dre and Maino
10.In The Air
11.Dreamz Come True feat. Mr. Beatz and Jae Millz
12.B Boyz feat. Kendrick Lamar and Ace Hood
13.Every Summer
14.Priceless Life feat. Dre
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Drake - You Welcome

1.Drake Speaks
2.Club Paradise
3.The Motto Feat. Lil Wayne (@LilTunechi)
5.Round of Applause
6.Free Spirit Feat. Rick Ross (@RickyRozay)
7.Get My Paper - Peril P (@imPERILP)
8.Trust Issues
9.Faith Pt. 2 Feat. K-Os
10.Winter's Gone - Peril P ( @imPERILP)
11.Marvins Room
12.On My Way Feat Bow Wow (@BowWow)
13.Dreams Money Can Buy
14.She Will - Peril P (@imPERILP)
15.I Am Toronto
16.Tony Montana Freestyle - Peril P (@imPERILP)
17.Wildfire Remix Feat SBTRKT
18.Good Life Feat Rebstar x Rock City (@R_ City)
19.Love Remix Feat J Cole (@JColeNC)
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Trey Songz - Ainticipation 2

1.Find A Place
2.Still Scratchin Me Up
3.When We Make Love
4.Me 4 U Infidelity 2
5.Don't Judge
6.Inside pt2
7.Good Feelings
8.Bomb (a.p.)
9.Flights & Skype
10.Girl At Home
11.French Kiss
12.Girl On Girl
13.U Should Roll...
14.Top Of The World
15.She Needs Me
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Fashion Trends Followed by Hip Hop Celebrities

The lifestyle of the rich and famous personalities determines how much fashion trends they follow. Most of these celebrities get famous for their unique style of their own clothing line and accessories they wear. Apart from music and dance talent, they are considered as the all-around entertainment personality and an eventual fashion image at the same time. Hip Hop celebrity is a combination of fashion with a classy style, attitude and sophisticated music performer.

The fashion line they follow has a unique collection of ultra stylish accessories, shoes and clothing with exclusive patterns, radiant colors, and fabrics. These urban wear can be chosen from wide range of variety for both men and women. The best trendy clothes are more preferable by the people which make them stand apart and can be easily recognized with their choice of clothes. They simply show an attitude with a style in comfort.

The clothing wear by today's youth is the most of the clothing worn by celebrities. Such clothing is inspired by music and fashion. Whether they are spending holidays or just relaxing, youth love to be in such fashion. Celebrities clothing gives cool looks and sheer comfort. The celebrity wear consists of entire range of clothing. It includes jackets, t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, shirts, track pants, thermal wear etc. They all are available for both men and women in its unique style and cut.

Top Ten Glastonbury Festival Live Music Moments

Glastonbury Festival started on a small scale in front of just 1,500 music lovers, but over the years it has established itself as one of the biggest and eagerly awaited festivals on the calendar. However, it wasn't called the Glastonbury Festival back then, it went by the name of the Pilton Pop, Blues & Folk Festival. It only became linked to Glastonbury in 1971 when it was renamed the Glastonbury Fayre. With over 40 year's of history, there's more than enough to fill a book with the best Glastonbury live music moments, but here are ten of the most talked about and attention grabbing.

10. Jay-Z headlines the Pyramid Stage in 2008 - When the news of this broke, Liam Gallagher fell upon the music media with massive criticism for a rapper headlining Glastonbury. However, Jay-Z had the last laugh as it turned out when he strolled on stage to massive applause playing an acoustic guitar and singing Wonderwall.

9. U2 pull out of the 2010 festival, paving the way for the Gorillaz - The prospect of seeing U2 didn't seem to bother the Glastonbury ticket buying community in 2010 as the tickets sold out within 24 hours for the 40th Anniversary of the festival. However, they got lucky when Bono's creaky back gave way and they were forced to pull out. Gorillaz were brought in to fill the teary-eyed Edge-size entertainment void.

Music News - The Magazines That Shaped the Music Industry

Music news as we know it today developed out of the early magazines that caught onto the growth of the popular music industry early on in the 20th Century. Melody Maker was one of the first, introducing itself in 1926 (around the same time that the first electric guitars and amplifiers began to emerge) and targeting musicians. However, as music became more and more popular the music magazines of the day began to target the general public and the introduction of new, rival magazines hit the shelves.

The 1950s is when the real battle started with Melody Maker going head to head with the new kids in town, the NME, an amalgamation of previous titles Musical Express and Accordion Weekly by new owner and music promoter Maurice Kinn. Previously more interested in jazz, Melody Maker was a late convert to the advent of rock and roll, but as the sixties swung in favour of bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, the ground was set for big readership figures for both publications.

The 1960s also saw the coming of more politicised voices to the publication of music news with the launch of the Berkley Barb in 1965 and Rolling Stone in 1967. Criticism of the Vietnamese war, the publication of Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and the counterculture revolution of the 1960s sat next to The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix and Jim Morrison cover stories.

Five Factors to Break Into the Music Industry As an Unsigned Band

I have previously worked as a music journalist for a music magazine, reviewing local gigs, as well as new releases and upcoming talent. For this job, I was based in a small cramped office in Leeds producing a semi-weekly magazine and maintaining an online blog.

Firstly, I should say that Leeds is an absolutely amazing place to work and I found all my time working there very enjoyable; however Leeds is a markedly expensive place to live, as rents are increasing and there is a lack of supply for young professionals.

Listed below are my top tips for breaking into the music industry and becoming successful, without worrying about the age of the band, current popularity in the scene or history of gigs.

5. Sign up to a plethora of online blogs and magazines NME and Kerrang are generally thought of as the best magazines to keep up-to-date with music news; however there are a number of alternative magazines with unique stories in which you can retrieve news and get a lot of information from. Online blogs written and published independently can also provide up-to-date information before any magazine can publish; you should however check that the writer of the blog is using reliable sources. Using this information, you can help to improve your band and increase publicity.

Power Metal Vocals - Music and Style

One of several top genres in metal music news should be power metal. Using the quickness of today's style of music as well as the traditional way to play fits the power community. Speed metal was really the start of power in America. Using the different styles and alternations of methods, this was something for the music news community to analyze. This style was a calmer and more melodic sounding.

The Structure of the Music

Clean vocals and growling are a common feature in power metal. Often times there are growls or screams that you would also find in black or death metal. Vocals certainly are a big part of what power metal is all about. Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween), Michele Luppi (Vision Divine), Timo Kotipelto (Stratovarius) and Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear) started to push this style to their music.

Most bands that do incorporate this still included a fictional idea or feeling with it. Artists like Symphony X, 3 Inches of Blood, DragonForce and Hammer Fall. Lost Horizon, Helloween and Gamma Ray sang a lot about positive situations.

Technique and Instruments of Power Metal

Bass, drum and guitar are the most familiar elements in power metal. Power usually uses a slower pace for their chord progression than other metal music. The bass sits in the back of the music that is often not heard due to the loudness of the electric guitars.

Drummers will use a dual bass drums or double bass pedal on their sets in their music. You will find a lot of this in heavy metal music. You will hear the double bass "running" or quick beats in between other elements. This style is no different than other type of heavy metal.

This type of music genre has been known to use keyboards inside their music. You can incorporate more elements with a keyboards or include full melodies.

Other Aspects of Metal Music

There isn't many differences of power metal between American and European. More distortion and a higher pitched vocal singer for most of American power metal. To get a taste of it look into Manowar, Savatage and Iced Earth.

European metal put more melody within their music. Folk metal inspirers a lot of metal bands. This is the reason there are more of a melodic feel to their music. Clean vocals and less distortion within their music is a more European type of power metal. This has grown to become one of the most popular genres. For further European bands check out Stratovarius, Helloween and Sonata Arctica.