Young Chris-The Revival

2.F# K the other side Feat Peedi Crakk
3.Lay low Feat Meek Mill & Freeway
4.So fly
5.D.O.A. (Dead on Arrival)
6.Straight shots
7.Triple Threat
9.Off my chest (interlude)
10.We All Lampin Feat Peedi Crakk
11.Murder outside Feat Beanie Sigel
12.Bring Em Out
13.Class is in Session
14.Flatline Feat Lloyd Banks
15.Be ready Feat Peedi Crakk & Omillio Sparks


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Iron Solomon - Redrum Radio

1.Redrum (Intro)
2.Time Has Come
4.T.O.N.Y. Touch (Freestyle)
5.Follow Me ft. Isaiah
6.Bat Cave Radio (Freestyle)
7.Rule #4081 ft. Cassidy
8.SMACK URL (Freestyle)
9.Get On My Level
10.All Out Show (Freestyle)
11.One Shot
12.Sucker MC's ft. DMC
13.Hot 97 w Peter Rosenberg (Freestyle)
14.44 Fours
15.This Is 50 Radio
16.We Up


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Fat Joe - The Darkside 2

1.Welcome To The Darkside Main
2.Around The World Main
3.DopeMan Main
4.So Fly main
5.Big Business Main
6.Angels Say Main
7.Pushing Keys (Main)
8.Drop A Body Main
9.My Lord Main
10.Fuck Them Other Niggas Main


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Jim Jones - Nocturnal

01. Jim Jones - Millionaires Wife (Feat. Sen City) (2:15)
02. Jim Jones - 44 Mag Freestyle (1:56)
03. Jim Jones - Jungle Brothers Freestyle (1:57)
04. Jim Jones - Forbes Musik (Feat. 2 Chainz) (4:30)
05. Jim Jones - Thank The Plug (Feat. Chubbie Baby & 2 Chainz) (3:18)
06. Jim Jones - Girlfriend On My Camera (Feat. Sen City) (1:54)
07. Jim Jones - Let It Fly (Feat. Maino, Ace Hood, Dj Khaled, Meek Mill, Roscoe Dash & Wale) (3:19)
08. Jim Jones - Loddi Doddi (Feat. Mel Matrix & Sen City) (3:34)
09. Jim Jones - I'ma Dip (Feat. Cam'ron) (3:15)
10. Jim Jones - I'll Be Back (Feat. Meek Mill & Fred The Godson) (3:33)
11. Jim Jones - Hot In This Bitch (Remix) (Feat. Pusha T & Gilbere Forte) (4:01)
12. Jim Jones - What's Your BBM (Feat. Hardluck & Lady H) (4:17)
13. Jim Jones - Til I'm Gone (Feat. Tinie Tempah, Pusha T & Wiz Khalifa) (3:42)
14. Jim Jones - Just Ice (Going Way Back Freestyle) (3:34)
15. Jim Jones - December (Remix) (Feat. Olivia) (1:06)
16. Jim Jones - Blow Ya Whistle (Feat. Lloyd Banks & Busta Rhymes) (3:17)
17. Jim Jones - Party Tonight (Feat. Cam'ron & Teyana Taylor) (3:52)
18. Jim Jones - My Hood (Feat. Juelz Santana, Cassidy & Swizz Beatz) (3:10)
19. Jim Jones - Time Is Up (Feat. Dj Haze, Juelz Santana & Fred The Godson) (2:36)
20. Jim Jones - Warning (Remix) (Feat. Uncle Murda, French Montana, Jadakiss, Styles P. Vado & Cam'ron) (4:36)
21. Jim Jones - Get It On The Low (Feat. J-Lie, Glasses Malone & LaRon) (4:23)
22. Jim Jones - Riding On Empty (Feat. Mel Matrix & Sen City) (3:08)


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Gucci Mane - Gone Again Till November


1.Me And My Money
2. Step It Up
3. Translation (Feat. Yo Gotti)
4. Check My Resume (Feat. 2 Chainz)
5. Cookbook
6. Animosity
7. Scarycat (Feat. Nelly)
8. Count It Up
9. The Way It Go
10. Lost It
11. Stevie Wonder (Feat. Nelly)
12. Right Now
13. My Block
14. Shit Gets Deep
15. Fresh As Fuck
16. Go
17. Plenty
18. Millions


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5 Classic House Music Tracks That Defined the Genre

By the time that house music began to make its way out of Chicago and filter into the dance scenes of other major cities like New York and London, there were already several names that were associated with what would come to be known as classic house music. To be sure, Frankie Knuckles, the DJ and producer who was most directly responsible for creating the house genre had more than a few titles under his belt. However, there are some other artists whose names are inextricably linked with the commercial growth of house. Let's take a look at some of the classic house tracks that helped define a generation of club goers.

1. Frankie Knuckles - The Whistle Song. Released in 1991, and helping to lead the surge of house music that was knocking on the door of mainstream chart success, this flute-based track was mellow, had a deep groove and was eminently danceable. All of the ingredients that would come to define house in the 90's were there - the bass line, the simple drum beat - providing the foundation for hundreds of house tracks to follow.

Disco Gives Birth To House Music

Disco music gets a bad rap. People decry the genre as a plastic, soulless, producer-driven music fad that deserves scorn for being empty and unfulfilling. Many music fans were happy to see disco die in 1980, but the truth is that disco never passed on. It spawned a new generation of dance music that branched out and evolved into the global phenomenon known as house music. So how exactly did disco give birth to house music? Here's the story.

So a gay guy and a black dude walk into a warehouse....just kidding! Well, actually that's not too far off. Here's the short version.

    * Larry Levan started spinning disco records together at those crazy Paradise Garage parties in New York.

    * Soon after Disco Demolition Night (when white kids killed disco at a White Sox game), Chicago started developing a new, electronic, drum-machine happy sound.

    * Frankie Kunckles brought his gay-friendly crate of thumping disco tracks to Chicago and the kids got into it. Stuff like "Let No Man Put Asunder" from First Choice rocked the Warehouse in 1983.

    * Soulful, bangin' disco tracks collided with what-the-hell-sounding beats from Jesse Saunders, Farley Jackmaster Funk and a bunch of other DJs, remixers and record producer types in Chicago.

    * All the kids wanted to buy the records that were playing at the Warehouse in Chicago, and after some abbreviating -- the house music label was born.

    * In Detroit, Juan Atkins (/Cybotron), Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson originated a techno touch alongside the Chicago house music sound.

If you want to learn more, there's a video on it -- Pump Up the Volume. This documentary outlines the history of house music's muddied origins. From swinging disco tracks to squelching, experimental knob-turning, to the base kick of techno's first producers, this three-part video has it all.

Pump Up The Volume - History of House Music - Part 1

Part 1 starts with Larry Levan and the Paradise Garage and goes through the early house music scene in Chicago.

In Part 2, you can learn about how Brits got hold of the stuff and used their Northern Soul infrastructure and connections in Ibiza to club the music out to the Euro masses. Detroit's take on house also gets attention.

Part 3 takes you through some of the more recent house music scenes, you know -- all that splinter faction definition label stuff. Anything Goldie says is hilarious, and Armand Van Helden seems like a pretty chill dude.

Sure, these Google vids don't offer the best presentation. And yeah, some of the music you'll hear is a bit wack, but this documentary from 2001 is a bridge that connects the house music of today to the disco classics of yesteryear. Understanding the details of this evolution will give you a greater appreciation for the ever-evolving history of dance music.

Mixing House Music and Distinguishing the Breaks in the Music

When it comes to mixing house music it takes some experience of knowing how house music is created. This simply comes with listening to it over and over again. Most house music we listen to uses a 4/4 measure. That means for every measure there are four bars and for every bar there are four beats.

For example most house music starts on the one or the first kick drum sound. From there you would count 1, 2, 3, 4 in sync with the kick drum and then you would repeat the count again starting on 1. You do this one time and you just completed a bar. You do this four times and you just completed a measure. This is a good frame of reference in order to start.

5 quick and easy steps to begin mixing house music

1. Start mixing by using duplicate records. In other words get two of the same songs and try mixing. It is much easier to start with two of the same records rather than two different records.
2. When mixing two different records use the same or close to the same BPMs.
3. Use your favorite songs to mix when starting out.

4. Slow the tempo down if the song is too fast.
5. Mark the record with a piece of tape to indicate the beginning of the beat.

Think of house music as Hiphop music just a little faster. By slowing the house music down with your pitch adjustment on your turntable it will make mixing the music a little easier.


Because when the music is slower you brain has a chance to process the music easier which allows you to mix songs easier. Your ear will adapt to the slower tempo enabling you to match beats. If you were to try to mix house music for the first time at it is normal speed you could easily get frustrated because things could be going to fast for you.

Matching beats is probably the biggest hurdle to overcome when mixing any genre of music not just house music. A beat is equivalent to one kick of a kick drum. Being able to match beats doesn't start with house music it starts with a simple drum track. Just about any Hip Hop track that is about 90 BPM's with a simple 4 beat pattern will do.

Practice mixing with a pair of the same record trying to match beats. Always try to catch the beat on the "1" or the first drum kick at the beginning of the verse not the intro. On your right hand turntable cue the record at the beginning of the verse starting with the kick drum. You cue the record by placing your finger on the record at the point where you want the beat to come in. On your left hand turntable play the same record from the beginning.

The platter should still be spinning under the record. Why? Because when you release the record you want it to match beats with the song from the other turntable in time. If you press too hard on the record while cueing it, the song will drag and the song will not play in sync. One record will play behind the other and you'll get a weird echo effect or something worse.

When the song from the left hand turntable reaches the beginning of the verse (on the "1" or first kick drum) that is when you release the record from its cue point giving it a slight push so it does not drag. Continue to practice this method with your favorite records and you'll be mixing any type of music you can get your hands on not just house music.

New Hip Hop Songs - What You Look For In The Latest Rap Songs

The Hip Hop music world is most changing especially the new rap music generation is all determined and having a distinct flair of becoming mature genre. Interestingly the changes and distinctions that are being seen today are not an overnight change; some of rappers have really hit the market after quite a struggle. The most interesting factor here is that now the personally of artist, the performance is as vital to the whole package, as there are thousands of wannabes but only few stars. Here are some interesting new trends on Rap Music Scene.

Flo Rida feat David Gutta is the rap single which has become the voice of new age. The single is "Club Can't Handle Me". The visibility of pride, larger than life gestures can easily be found to be distinct mark of this collaboration.

Pick the Best Hip Hop Workout DVD

There are many hip hop workout videos that are workouts effective for cardio, an over all body work out and more. We have covered all of the dance workout DVDs and now we are looking toward the Hip Hop workout DVD. Impress your friends when you learn all of the sexy dance moves from theHip Hop fitness DVDs. Moves you learned while getting in shape with Hip Hop aerobics.

Dance and Be Fit: Hip Hop Cardio DVD is the fifth release in the Dance and Be Fit series of fitness DVDs. This is a high energy dance program with the intent of burning fat and calories and toning the abs, legs and arms. There are two twenty minute routines with all of the funky and feisty moves that have been broken down into simple steps. This DVD is geared to every level of exerciser where even the beginner will see results of toning and slimming while learning some new dance steps.

Dance A GoGo- Music Video Dance Workout DVD is for the real woman who can Dance A GoGo. This video combines choreography and exercise with sexiness, grace and empowerment. This is a just-for-women fitness routine created by choreographer Andrea Lin. She designed it specifically to bring out the inner sex appeal at the same time toning the body. She has turned her years of professional experience to a very different dance instruction experience. Andrea has put hip-hop, ballroom, salsa and Asian moves into twenty first century dance and fitness. Any woman, regardless of fitness experience level can learn at her own level.

The Dance A GoGo movements are part of the MV style dance workout and part of the three DVD series entitled Sexy Nightclub Workout 3 DVD series.

Dance A GoGo- Nightclub Fun Workout DVD was created for women only by dancer and choreographer Andrea Lin. This video is part of a part of the Sexy Nightclub Workout 3 DVD series and the most provocative and the most playful of the series. This choreography can be carried over to parties and to the actual nightclub. It contains only original steps and moves that no one else will have.

Last but not least on our list is Fame Dance Workout DVD. Here you will learn all of the newest moves and dance steps of the students at the New York Academy of Performing Arts and get fit with the 80's favorites.