Christian Rap Music

Rap music is equally and popularly known as hip-hop music. It is a music genre that had its beginnings in New York during the mid-70s. It was popular among the performers in the City, particularly among the African-Americans and Hispanic musicians.

Christian rap music is likewise known by its other names like Christian hip-hop, holy hip-hop and gospel rap. Having attached the word 'Christian' to distinguish this type of music, Christian rap utilizes lyrics that express the message of Christian faith by the composer or songwriter. However, there are some artists who make their Christian faith known, but the themes of their songs do not contain such religious belief.

From its inception, Christian churches have considered Christian rap or hip-hop music blasphemous. Given its marked difference in sounds and beat from the traditional gospel music, it is also referred to as the 'devil's' music. With changing times, however, Christian rap or hip-hop artists have found their way to mainstream music and have found acceptance from the public.

Similar to Christian music, the purpose of Christian rap or hip-hop music is to reach not only there desired audience of Christians, but to reach out to non-believers who listen to the music. Most of the performers are self-proclaimed Christians who use their music to teach their religion. Christian rap or hip-hop music can be likened to an art that is a form of expression. Over the years, this art has been accepted by several communities that has adopted rap- themed songs in their places of worship.

At present, there are a number of Christian rap artists that have gained prominence through their music. Christian rap or hip-hop music is an effective way of reaching out and touching the lives of people who are into this kind of music.

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